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Each month we'll send you a box of carefully selected health, fitness and exercise snacks as well as some hot tips and ideas for staying fit and healthy. Just click on 'Join Now', choose a plan and start receiving your monthly box of motivation!


Once a month you will receive a healthy dose of motivation… in a box! ... and your reminder to eat well and stick to your health and fitness goals.

Select from 4 different plans depending on how much money you want to save and how comfortable you are with commitment! All plans renew automatically and you can cancel any time.

We scour the market for the best and tastiest health and fitness snacks to include in the Fuel My Fitness box.

Every box is unique and you will discover approximately 10-14 new snacks each month.

Monthly fitness ideas are included in the box to keep you inspired.

You will receive great value for money, with the retail value of the contents always exceeding $55, generally over $60.

You will have a variety of healthy snacks on hand for pre or post workout – or whenever you’re feeling peckish – all conveniently delivered to your door at the end of each month.


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